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Our professional moving equipment

Changing your business premises usually requires a lot of organisation and patience, especially if you don’t have the right equipment to move heavy and bulky items. Rolls Rapides provides you with moving equipment to make this step easier!

Carts for all types of use

As a specialist in handling equipment for 30 years, our know-how has enabled us to develop a catalogue of equipment for moving. We offer various products to facilitate your move and to allow your team to work in the best conditions:

  • Moving trolleys: equipped with shelves, they are ideal for transporting heavy or fragile loads such as electronic equipment or household appliances.
  • Moving racks: equipped with several bins, they are ideal for transporting archives, books or even small objects. They can carry a maximum load of 450 kg.
  • Moving accessories: have you considered a hand truck? Do you have a wheelie tray to help you move large and heavy items? Rolls Rapides offers a range of accessories to make handling easier and safer.

Each of our products meets the NF 12674-4 standard to guarantee you quality equipment and prevent any risk of accident or mishandling during a move.

Additional moving equipment with Rolls Rapides

Our moving equipment allows you to save time and optimise storage space in a single trip. Cabinets are ideal for moving archives in hospitals, libraries or cinemas, while rollers are more suitable for refitting a shop and moving heavy loads.

Our range has been designed to make your moves easier and safer. We also offer rolls with locks if you are moving equipment or valuable objects and we can add shelves to certain models to make handling archives or objects even easier.

Think about customised moving equipment

What better way to design your own equipment than to take advantage of our expertise and innovation?

Based on your specifications, our design department develops a design, then a prototype that you will be able to test and compare with your current equipment to improve it. After validation, we can launch its mass production directly in our factory in Marolles en Hurepoix, in Ile-de-France.

Need customisation? We can also provide this type of service so that your fleet is in your company’s colours.

Rolls Rapides maintains your moving equipment

We provide a maintenance and repair service for all products in our catalogue, including moving equipment. From the general condition of the structure to the state of wear of the wheels, we check and repair your equipment to prolong its life and to ensure its safe use.

Whether you rent or buy, we offer this service from the first year of use. We can come to your premises in the Ile-de-France or to our premises.

Different packages to suit your needs

Our team is available to help you find the most suitable moving equipment for your needs.

We have set up different formulas allowing you to take advantage of our equipment. Our products are available for short or long term rental, but also for new or second hand purchase. This allows you to benefit from quality equipment to meet a specific need or to develop your fleet with a view to increasing your activity.

Whether you choose to buy or rent, we can deliver your moving equipment anywhere in France and Europe. Don’t wait any longer and contact our team to find out which formula is best suited to your needs and receive a personalised quote as soon as possible!