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Our storage and handling solutions

In addition to handling equipment, Rolls Rapides offers solutions for the storage of bottles and other containers such as boxes and racks. Discover our complete range!

A wide range of liquid racks

The racks and boxes we offer are particularly suitable for bottling and storage. Whether you are a producer, a distributor or a cooperative, our solutions are likely to find a place in your premises.
Whether for transport or storage, we can provide you with

  • Large format crates
  • Foldable wire water carboys racks
  • 4 carboys tube racks
  • Trolleys for water carboys
  • Stackable wooden manuracks

These products are used to store or move bottles or cylinders and can hold up to 400 litres depending on the product chosen.

Boxes and racks, the best solution for storage

Storage is one of the main challenges for retailers and producers. With over 30 years of experience as a specialist in material handling equipment, we can offer a catalogue to meet most needs.

The container boxes can carry a maximum load of 800 kg and are foldable (290 mm height) to save space when not in use.
The riddling crate allows the riddling of 504 bottles (light bottles, magnums or half-bottles).
To secure your bottles, our crates have a locking and unlocking system and it is possible to add doors and lids.

Think about the customisation and maintenance of your boxes and racks

Like our other products, it is possible to design your own boxes and racks.
Our design department is at your disposal from the drawing up of specifications to production. Together, we will list your precise needs, your constraints linked to your activity or your storage space, the feedback from your teams and we will then be able to create a design and finally a prototype.
You will be free to test it and make it undergo your daily constraints and according to your remarks, we will be able to improve it and validate it to launch its production according to the quantity that you determined.
When you call on our design department, you benefit from our innovation, our expertise and our sound advice.

In addition to creation, we also offer customisation of your equipment if you wish to give it your company colours, for example!

Let's find the best solution together

All our products are available for sale, new or used, and for short or long term rental. Our solutions help you meet the growing demands of your business over the long term or allow you to test our equipment before you decide to buy. This allows you to increase your fleet with quality equipment while respecting your budget.

To find out which packages are best suited to your needs, our team is at your disposal and will provide you with a fully personalised quote.