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Accessories for Roll Containers

Do you want to improve the work of your teams and complete your equipment? We have developed a complete range of accessories for roll containers!

Our accessories for roll containers

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Accessories for different types of roll containers

In order to work more efficiently and improve the comfort of your teams, you may need accessories for your rolls.

Rolls Rapides provides a number of accessories that you can use with the various rolls in our catalogue. Our range includes for example :

  • A cover for a handling roll
  • A PVC cover
  • Trays to support the bin
  • Document holders
  • Tow bars
  • Straps
  • Shelves/spacers
  • Wheels

In order to provide you with quality products, we have taken into account the most frequent requirements:

  • Isothermal quality for the transport of food products
  • Different sizes
  • Compatible between different roll containers
  • Resistant to wear and tear and certain temperatures
  • Improving ergonomics
  • Customisable

And to guarantee their quality, all our products meet the NF 12674-4 standard.

Choose the right package for your customised roll accessories

All our products are available for rental (short or long term) but also for sale (new or second hand products) to meet a temporary need or to respond to an overload of work while respecting your budget. We can deliver your roll accessories anywhere in France, but also in Europe.

If you prefer to develop your own products while benefiting from our technology and expertise, our design department can meet various demands. From creation to transformation, we work together and draw up specifications. We then design and produce a prototype that you can improve according to your needs before launching production.

Because it is important to benefit from quality and durable equipment, Rolls Rapides provides a repair service from the first year of reception. From your workshop or from our factory in Marolles en Hurepoix, Ile-de-France, we inspect your equipment and spare parts and make the necessary repairs.

Are you looking to have a particular piece of equipment serviced? Our team will be able to tell you if this service is possible and how quickly.

If you would like more information or advice on how to find the most suitable solution, our team will be happy to provide you with a personalised solution and a free quote. Don’t wait any longer!