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Rental Roll handling container

Do you want to complete your equipment or test new handling solutions? Do you have a specific need? The rental roll container can be a solution!

A wide range of roll container available for hire

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Why use roll container rental?

The roll is one of the most commonly used handling tools in companies. The range includes, for example, the nestable roll, the large volume roll container , the safety roll container , the meat roll container and the laundry roll container.

Another advantage is that the roll container can be used in various professional sectors such as distribution, goods preparation, removals, foodstuffs and laundry services. Available in several models and formats, it can be adapted to your needs and your space. The result? Your team works in better conditions with equipment adapted to their daily needs while guaranteeing their safety.

If required, we also provide accessories to complete your roll. We can provide you with straps, wheels of various sizes or even covers to protect your goods.

Choose the right rental package!

Would you like to test a roll before investing or do you need additional equipment to meet a temporary increase in activity? Renting is the ideal solution to complete your fleet at a lower cost. Rolls Rapides provides various packages such as :

  • long-term rental
  • short term rental

Do you have a particular need or are you unsure about the type of roll container for your activity? Our team will be able to advise you in the best possible way to help you find the most suitable solution and advise you on accessories that could ensure you a better working comfort.

All our products can be delivered in France and in Europe.

Why rent a roll container with Rolls Rapides!

Our experience of more than 30 years enables us to provide state-of-the-art products that meet the most common demands of customers from different professional applications. To guarantee the quality of your equipment, our solutions comply with the NF 12674-4 standard and our design department is constantly looking for ways to improve our products to make your daily work more comfortable.

Based in Ile-de-France, Rolls Rapides can ensure the follow-up of your rolls directly in your workshop or in our factory as soon as possible.

Contact us for more information and a personalised quote!