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Our handling Roll Containers

Do you need rolls on a one-off basis or in the day-to-day running of your business?
Discover our large choice and benefit from a customized offer!

A wide choice of handling roll container

Rolls Rapides offers you different types of rolls, which are suitable for different sectors such as trade, distribution, moving or industry. Because each need is different, we provide you with different models such as :

The standard roll, easily used in many sectors
The nestable roll : its 3 nestable sides allow to save space during transport and storage.
The large volume roll: the perfect solution for bulky products.
The security roll: this type of roll is perfect if you need to transport valuable products.
The meat roll: conforming to standards and regulations, it will facilitate the transport of food products.
The laundry roll: whether for the collection of linen or the transport of clean linen, this product is ideal for hotels, dry cleaners and laundries.
The roll container, perfect for storing large quantities of bottles

Because we want to go further and allow you to benefit from complete solutions, we also offer complementary accessories such as covers to protect your products from bad weather or prying eyes, but also isothermal covers if you transport food products. Straps, specific wheels or document holders complete our range of accessories and allow us to meet your needs.

It is also possible to customize the color of our rolls if you wish to put them in your company’s colors!

Take advantage of additional services for an optimal use of our roll container !

Our new products are laser cut and the materials are aluminum, metal and stainless steel. Our rolls meet the NF 12674-4 standard and we offer several models, sizes and formats to meet your requirements.

In addition to adapting to your needs in terms of sizes or formats, we offer our rolls for sale, new or used, but also for short or long term rental. We have been experts in handling equipment for more than 30 years and the different requests of our customers have helped us to set up different formulas. You will be able to find the best solution to answer a temporary surplus of activity or to invest on the long term and have your own fleet.

We also offer to create your custom solutions through our design department. Together, we draw up a set of specifications based on your needs, your constraints, your budget and your deadline. We then create a design and a prototype. You will then be able to test it and tell us about any additional modifications to come up with a solution that corresponds in every way to your request. After validation of the test version, we can then launch mass production.

All these steps are carried out from our premises and we can deliver your material everywhere in France but also in Europe.

Think about repairing your roll containers !

So that you can benefit as long as possible from rolls, we offer a repair service from the first year of acquisition of your equipment. We propose the maintenance of your fleet in our factory of Marolles en Hurepoix in the 91 or on site in Paris area, that it is about products bought new, of occasions or still in long term hiring.

On a one-off basis or on an annual basis, Rolls Rapides responds to your requests for maintenance or repair and offers different formulas. This allows us to ensure the longevity of your equipment but also the work of your teams in the best conditions while ensuring their safety and productivity.

Trust Rolls Rapides

Our experience of more than 30 years has enabled us to support various companies in different sectors. Each feedback has helped us to improve our products but also our offers to meet the most diverse demands.
At Rolls Rapides, we have chosen to make our expertise, our solutions and our innovation available to you so that you can work in the best conditions.