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Rental Mobile Shelf Trolley

To move your archives or small items, hiring moving cabinets can be an ideal solution. Rolls Rapides provides several versions to meet your requirements and make moving small items easier.

Our removable Mobile Shelf Trolley for hire

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The removable Mobile Shelf Trolley, ideal for small items

Removals generally require optimising the organisation of boxes, archives or objects of all sizes in the same space to avoid too many movements. The removal cabinet allows you to store as many items as possible in the same solution so that you can move them together and reduce your transport costs. In addition to saving you time, it allows you to work safely and can be adapted to different types of environment.
This type of mobile shelf trolley has several advantages:

  • Up to 450 kg maximum load
  • Castors with brakes
  • Variable number of shelves
  • 3 sides for lateral support of objects

Archives, books or other items that require little space can be stored in a removals locker for a future change of workshop.
Thanks to its compact size, the moving mobile shelf trolley is discreet and accessible and can be supplemented with various accessories for even greater manoeuvrability.

When the rental of a removal mobile shelf trolley adapts to your needs

Rolls Rapides provides the removal mobile shelf trolley for rent. There is no minimum rental period, and you can rent one or more of them for a day or several months, depending on your needs. You can also opt for complementary solutions to the removal mobile shelf trolley with accessories such as a cart, a step trolley or a trolley with handles. Moving objects is easier and more comfortable.

At Rolls Rapides, we want to provide you with quality products. That is why all the products in our catalogue comply with the NF 12674-4 standard.

Contact Rolls Rapides for removal mobile shelf trolley hire

Whether you are in France or Europe, we can provide you with removal solutions as quickly as possible. Would you prefer to rent for a longer period? We also take care of the maintenance and repair of the equipment. The intervention can be done in our workshops in Ile de France, in Marolles en Hurepoix or directly in your workshop from the first year of your contract!

To make sure you don’t forget anything and have all the equipment you need for your move, our team will listen to your project and provide you with the most suitable solution.