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Custom made roll waste bin container

You use Custom made roll waste bin container to manage waste collection but you can’t find a solution adapted to your needs? Create your customised roll waste bin container with Rolls Rapides!

Our Custom made roll waste bin container

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What types of roll waste bin container?

As a reference in the material handling equipment application, our extensive experience and know-how has enabled us to set up a design department to help you create your own equipment.
In addition to the other products in our catalogue, we can help you create :

  • The bottom-opening waste shuttle. With a maximum load of 500kg in a compact format, it can be opened from the bottom with a forklift.
  • The metal waste bin. It can also carry a maximum load of 500kg and has a removable roof.
  • The sheet metal waste bin. Its compact size and 4 swivel wheels make it easy to handle.

Some products can be complemented with a traction kit, a mesh door or fork lift pockets.

In order to guarantee the safety of your teams, some models are equipped with wheels with self-locking directional locks.

How to create a customised roll waste bin container?

Opting for the customised roll waste bin container allows you to create your own equipment to improve the performance of your teams, to stand out from the competition with customised equipment while benefiting from our technical skills and innovation.

We are present at every stage of creation. We start by establishing a specification based on your needs and constraints and then we create a design.
This stage allows us to visualise the finished product and make changes if necessary. We then create a prototype that you can test in real conditions and your feedback will allow us to improve and validate it before mass production according to the quantity ordered.

During the creation of your customised roll waste bin container, you can of course add elements such as a door, a locking system, handles to handle your shuttle more easily, a document holder, wheels adapted to the floor in your workshop… The possibilities are numerous and our team is capable of advising you on additional solutions that you may not have thought of. Once your equipment has been manufactured, we ensure its delivery throughout France and Europe and each stage of manufacture takes place in our workshops in the Ile-de-France region.

Think about regular repairs to your equipment

We recommend that you carry out inspections and repairs during the first year of use. This allows you to identify any points of wear and tear and to ensure the safety of your teams.
The advantage of entrusting us with the repair of your equipment is that we know your product and you benefit from our expertise after its creation.

To find out how long it will take us to repair your equipment and to get a personalised quote, our team is at your disposal!