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Specific cart

Specific cart solutions allow you to meet specific requirements while benefiting from robust products and Rolls Rapides quality. Discover our solutions!

Our specific cart

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Carts for all applications

Each application has its own requirements in terms of safety and cart use. To facilitate your daily activity and to meet specific needs as much as possible, we have developed a range of specific cart types:

  • The car cart for transporting heavy and bulky car parts.
  • The mobile class cart. It can be used to transport audio and video equipment such as video projectors, sound systems and printers. It can be ideal for the events sector.
  • The nestable cart is ideal for transporting parts in industry.
  • The cart equipped with doors. A simple press of the foot allows the door to be locked for safe transport of goods.
  • The oil recovery cart. The ideal solution for collecting all kinds of liquids, especially in a garage.
  • Plasma cart. On wheels, it can be positioned at different angles for easier working.
  • The textile shelving table, perfect for work in laundries or shops for transporting clothes.

To guarantee safe working conditions on a daily basis, our specific cart meets the NF 12674-4 standard.

All the packages to be equipped with specific carts

We have been specialists in material handling solutions for over 30 years and our experience allows us to offer solutions for the most common needs. As with all of our products in our catalogue, the specific cart is available for purchase (new or second hand) as well as for short or long term rental. Different solutions allow you to expand your fleet to meet a temporary surplus of activity or to be able to develop your activity in the long term.

Our design department can also help you create a customised cart. Together we will draw up a detailed specification of your requirements before creating a design and then a prototype of your cart. You will then have the opportunity to test it and make additional modifications. Once the prototype is approved, we will start mass production in the quantities you require. Each stage of production takes place in our workshop in Marolles en Hurepoix, Ile-de-France.

Whether you choose to buy, rent or customise your equipment, we can ensure its delivery in France and also in Europe.

We advise you to carry out regular maintenance of your equipment from the first year of use. As a specialist and supplier, we provide a repair service for all the products on our website. If you need to repair a particular product, please contact our team to find out about our possibilities and the time required to carry out repairs.

For more information on our offers and delivery times, our team is at your disposal and will provide you with a personalised quote.