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Shelf stacking trolley

To display goods efficiently while promoting the well-being of your employees, the Shelf stacking trolley is the ideal solution! Discover the complete range provided by Rolls Rapides.

Think of ergonomics with our Shelf stacking trolley


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The advantages of the Shelf stacking trolley

Shel stacking is a repetitive task that requires the handling of large and heavy objects. To make your staff’s work easier, it can be useful to use Ergonomic Shelf stacking trolley. Available in different sizes, we have developed several models to make stocking shelves more pleasant for your staff.

The Ergonomic Shelf stacking trolley, also known as a trolley, is ideal for putting items or goods on the shelf.
It is easy to handle and facilitates the daily work between the storage area and the shelf. In addition to its practicality, the Ergonomic Shelf stacking trolley has other advantages:

  • Several possible trays
  • A shelf base
  • A push handle
  • Castors with brakes
  • A heavy load
  • Bin bag holder

All our models have been designed to facilitate the work of your teams, their comfort and efficiency and meet the NF 12674-4 standard.

Packages according to your needs

Our material handling equipment is available for hire as well as for sale. If you have a temporary surplus of activity or want to test our equipment, you can choose short or long term rental.

If you wish to expand your fleet and invest in quality equipment, you can purchase new or second hand Ergonomic Shelf stacking trolley and customise them according to your needs for more ergonomics or with your company colours.

Take advantage of the services provided by Rolls Rapides

Our shelving tables can be delivered anywhere in France or Europe.
To ensure that you have quality equipment and to contribute to the safety of your teams at work, we carry out regular monitoring to anticipate any risk linked to the wear and tear of the equipment. Repairs or maintenance can be carried out in our workshops in Ile de France, in Marolles en Hurepoix or directly on your premises!
Do not hesitate to contact our team to find out about our intervention times!