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Custom made Roll container

You have a particular need and the roll containers available on the market do not meet your expectations? Go to Rolls Rapides for the creation of customised rolls!

How does the creation process work for a custom made roll container?

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Each stage of creation takes place in our factory in Marolles en Hurepoix. The creation of a custom-made product takes place in several stages:

  • The definition of the specifications which allows you to list all the requirements, the essential criteria and the desired quantity
  • The design, which allows you to create a preview of your future rolls and to make any changes to them
  • The creation of the prototype. You can test it and make changes if necessary
  • Mass production according to the quantity you have determined
  • Delivery in France and Europe

The deadline depends on your needs and the quantities of rolls to be manufactured. As a specialist in handling equipment, our team is able to provide you with complementary solutions or to warn you about technical manufacturing constraints in order to find the best solution. Creating customised rolls with Rolls Rapides means taking advantage of our innovation and know-how while saving time!

Why create custom roll containers?

Creating your own fleet of roll containers is the ideal solution to develop your equipment with products that perfectly meet your needs. In addition to setting yourself apart from the competition, they allow you to improve the working conditions of your teams by taking into account the safety measures to be respected and by improving their daily comfort.

For example, you can add elements such as doors, safety locks, straps, document holders or simply create rolls in a specific format.

Would you like to customise your equipment in your company’s colours? We can also help you!
We also provide support in the creation of accessories and other products such as carts or roll waste bin container!

Custom-made equipment also requires some maintenance!

In addition to assisting you in the creation of your customised equipment, we provide a repair service for your customised rolls.
After having helped you in the creation, we know your equipment perfectly and we proceed to a regular verification of your equipment to ensure the safety of your personnel during its use while ensuring its longevity.
We recommend regular maintenance of your equipment in its first year of use.

To find out more about our bespoke design service, please contact our team who will be able to explain each stage in detail and provide you with a personalised, no obligation quote!