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Roll container hypacage

The roll container is ideal for storing bottles while saving space in your workshop. It is the perfect solution for wineries, brewers or distributors.

Our roll containers

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The roll container hypacage the solution for bottling and storage

If you are a wine or beverage producer, storing your bottles is just as important as manufacturing. As well as allowing for better bottling, good storage ensures better preservation of the products.

Bottles are among the fragile goods that require special care for their handling. Thanks to the roll container, you can store a large number of bottles in complete safety. Supplied without shelves, it can also be used to store bulky and fragile objects. For added security, it is possible to add a secure door or transport hooks if you need to move it.

This type of roll is particularly suitable for activities related to bottling, wine and beverage storage, but also in the food and retail industries.

To ensure its solidity and its daily resistance, the roll container meets the NF 12674-4 standard.

Choose the right package to be equipped with a roll container hypacage

At Rolls Rapides, we put our experience and expertise to work for our customers to provide quick and easy solutions to integrate into their daily business.
And to go further, we provide all our products, including the roll container, for sale, new or second hand. Do you have a one-off need or for a specific period? Choose to rent! From a few weeks to several months, we provide various packages.

And if you prefer to opt for customised products or additional accessories to take into account your requirements and guarantee better efficiency, we can put our design department at your disposal to help you at every stage.

Whatever the package you choose, we can deliver in France and in Europe and we can come to your workshop to maintain and repair the equipment.
We provide a repair service from the first year of use. The general structure of your equipment, its state of wear and tear, the state of the accessories, everything is taken into account to ensure that you always have quality, robust equipment that contributes to better efficiency but also to the safety of your teams on a daily basis.

Our team is at your disposal to find the best solution together and provide you with a free quote as soon as possible.