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Moving roll container

A moving roll container is an essential tool for moving large objects and heavy loads. Discover our range for a smooth move

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The moving roll container, the perfect solution for large loads

The moving roll container is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a smooth move. It allows archives and objects to be moved in one go, saving time and space.

The moving roll is ideal for moving large volumes or heavy objects as it can carry up to 500kg of load. It also ensures a safe move thanks to its grid sides completed by a roof and a door. For greater manoeuvrability and safety, the moving roll has 4 wheels, 2 of which swivel with a brake system.

This type of roll can also be used on a daily basis if you need to move heavy or bulky goods in your workshop or warehouse. Another advantage is that its narrow format allows it to be easily stored without taking up too much space when not in use.

Like all the products we provide, the moving roll meets the NF 12674-4 standard

The customised moving roll container is possible!

With Rolls Rapides, you can customise your material, including moving rolls. For example, it is possible to :

  • Adjusting the height of the shelves
  • Add dividers
  • Adding an anti-theft device

To find out what options are available according to your activity and your needs, our team will guide you from the development of the specifications to the final delivery of the product. We will make a first prototype version so that you can see the final result. You will be able to test it, make new suggestions and we will launch a production according to the desired quantity as soon as it is validated.

Rolls Rapides, your partner for your handling equipment

We provide our products for sale (new or second hand) but also for rental (short or long term) and we can deliver in France and in Europe.
To ensure the longevity of your equipment and the safety of your teams, we provide a repair service which we advise from the first year. We can intervene directly in your workshop or from our factory in Ile-de-France, more precisely in Marolles en Hurepoix.
If you would like to take advantage of expert advice to find the best package and receive a personalised quote, our team is at your disposal!