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Rental hypacage

The transport or storage of bottles and carboys requires a certain amount of organisation and logistics. To help you, we provide you with the rental of boxes.

The hypacage, ideal for handling bottles or carboys

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Why rent a hypacage?

Our different models are perfect if you have a winery or if you are a distributor and need to store a large number of bottles or large and heavy products. Our hypacages can hold a large volume in a minimum of space and some models can be stacked to optimise your space.

To save you time and avoid rethinking the organisation of your space, Rolls Rapides provides several types of boxes such as :

  • Container hypacages
  • Racking hypacages
  • Specialised trolleys and carts to complete the range and move bottle cartons easily
  • Ces solutions conviennent aussi bien pour le stockage que le remuage ou encore le vieillissement des bouteilles.

They also allow you to store a large number of bottles and can be folded up when not in use, and you can add locking systems or lids if you need to protect your goods.

Because quality and safety are essential, all our solutions meet the NF 12674-4 standard.

Two packages for hypacage rental

Whether for permanent or occasional use, Rolls Rapides provides two types of rental:

  • Long-term rental
  • Short-term rental

In addition to the rental of hypacage, Rolls Rapides provides accessories such as lids, doors, locking and unlocking systems. Rather than moving the carboys manually, Rolls Rapides also provides transport trolleys. A complete range for easier storage and handling!

Why use Rolls Rapides for the rental of hypacage?

Our customers in the wine and food applications allow us to provide solutions that are adapted to real needs and to constantly improve our products.
Rolls Rapides also takes care of the maintenance of the products thanks to a repair service directly in your workshop or in our factory located in Marolles en Hurepoix, in Ile-de-France.

Do you need to equip your workshops outside France? We can deliver anywhere in Europe! Contact our team to find out more!