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Moving equipment

A successful move requires organisation, a little patience and, above all, the right equipment! Rolls Rapides provides a complete range of moving equipment to facilitate the transfer of heavy and bulky items.

Our moving equipment

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Solutions to suit your needs

Moving house involves moving heavy, bulky and cumbersome objects and it is not uncommon to lack suitable solutions. We have therefore developed a range of products that allow us to :

  • Prevent accidents during handling
  • Moving loads up and down stairs
  • Handling up to 400 kg of load at a time
  • Adapt to different body sizes

The NF 12674-4 standard awarded to our moving equipment guarantees its sturdiness and durability.

Our accessories can also be combined with roll containers and moving lockers, which are ideal for moving archives or objects that require less space.

From now on, moving heavy, cumbersome or bulky objects is easy and practical. Prepare your move with peace of mind, our equipment is there to save you time and make handling your material easier.

Different packages to take advantage of the moving equipment

Do you regularly move bulky items and are you hesitating between buying new or second hand and renting short or long term? Are you unsure about choosing the right moving equipment? Our team is available to help you find the best solution for your needs.

And if you have a specific need for moving equipment, you can draw up a specification and our design department will help you create a design and then a prototype. This allows you to test your ideal accessory in real-life conditions, improve it if necessary and then launch production. You benefit from unique, custom-made material and you can personalise it as much as possible!

To take advantage of the best offer, our team is at your disposal and will indicate the most suitable solution according to your needs.

At Rolls Rapides, we take pride in providing you with quality equipment. We carry out regular maintenance on each of our products. We provide this service to all our customers, from the first year of acquisition of the equipment whether it is rented or purchased. We can intervene directly in your workshop or carry out the maintenance in our factory in Ile-de-France.
Do you have special equipment and would like to have it repaired? Our team will be able to advise you on the best solution and the time required.