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Safety platform ladder

Dimensions L x W in mm: 400 x 400
Dimensions L x W x H in mm: 740 x 590 x 1470
Technical Specifications:

2 aluminium levels
Height 1st level 250 mm
Total height of 2nd level platform 500 mm
Load capacity 150 kg
4 retractable wheels Ø 50 mm with silent running tyres protected by 4 metal shells, Ø
150 mm
1 shelf L x W in mm 560 x 270 load 15 kg
1 safety strap
2 side protection ramps
2 protective bars (starting from the step, one at height 450 mm and the other at height 950 mm)
height 950 mm)
1 protective plinth at a height of 150 mm from the 2nd step
1 self-adhesive label with load weight
White electro galvanised finish

Rolls Rapides makes your life easier by innovating with this patented platform (1 step). It allows the
the user to reach high levels while reducing the risk of S.M.T. as soon as the user climbs on the platform, it
As soon as the user climbs onto the platform, it is automatically blocked thanks to a secure system.

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