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Roll container

Rolls Rapides provides you with a wide range of multi-format handling carts for your handling, shipping, moving and storage operations.
Discover all our models of multi-purpose carts adapted to your needs such as anti-theft roll containers, laundry roll containers, large volume roll containers, meat roll containers, stackable roll containers, etc.
Not forgetting our flagship product, the “standard roll container”, which is completely modular and robust.
All our handling carts are adapted to today’s industrial constraints and comply with the NF 12674-4 standard.

Roll container handling, a reliable solution to the recurrent problem of heavy loads

Many professionals face the same problem when lifting, loading, unloading, transporting and storing heavy and/or bulky loads. Some handling equipment is unsuitable for these operations for various reasons: too cumbersome to move in narrow aisles between racks, wheels too fragile to support the desired weight, shelves too small or unsuitable… At Rolls Rapides, we provide professionals with high quality maintenance carts to move your heavy loads easily. To offer you tailor-made solutions, we give you the choice between renting for occasional needs and anticipating peaks in activity, and purchasing rolls to fully integrate your new equipment into your logistics chain.

A wide range of maintenance carts for all professionals

Who is Rolls Rapides’ cart and customised packages for? All professionals who are looking for a handling solution to easily move cartons, boxes, materials and any type of heavy load within their facilities. Each activity has its own specific needs. We are well aware of this. That’s why we’ve developed a number of maintenance carts. Our range includes standard trolleys, large-volume trolleys for bulky items, security trolleys (Security roll container) with a door for ultra-secure transport of sensitive products, laundry trolleys sought after by laundries… Nestable trolleys are very practical because they facilitate space optimisation during transport and storage. For food professionals who handle foodstuffs on a daily basis that must be transported and stored in full compliance with the standards in force, we have developed modular meat trolleys with or without trays that can accommodate up to 24 hooks.

The handling cart, the new strong link in your supply chain

When properly incorporated into your supply chain, a handlin cart can be as valuable an ally as your machinery. Renting or buying a suitable maintenance cart can significantly increase your efficiency, save you time during loading and unloading (time that lowers your transport costs and can be spent on other value-added tasks), and increase the safety of your staff. Provided, of course, that your equipment is of high quality.

Contact RollsRapides by phone or fill in the contact form on our website, and we will answer all your questions to help you find the right roll handler for your business.

At Rolls Rapides, we provide our customers with professional, robust and durable roll cages that meet the NF 12674-4 standard for industrial equipment. Most of our rolls are equipped with polypropylene castors which allow easy handling and a good layout of your facilities.
Do you want to improve your efficiency, transport and storage of your goods at low cost?
Rent or buy a Rolls Rapides maintenance cart that suits you, and coordinate your supply chain with peace of mind.